Sporting with the corporates……..

After dining and ensorcelling here I come upon sporting with the executives… :-p
Who says corporate life is a 24*7 depressed and well-dressed frame of mind? Naaahh.. not me.. Executives aren’t personified laptops, they are humans too; they too bestow within them the whirlpool of vivacity. All you need is a little boost up…
The fervor started 2weeks back but natural showers did not make the event realize, hence the gusto doomed and the event got postponed. Once the spirit is actuated on high but is decelerated eventually loses its impetuosity, same was with us.
But then spondulicks speak :-p (Payments were done for the next scheduled day, ab to baarish ho ya baadal garje ana to hai Boss..).
I had collywobbles as there was lesser availability of girloz in our team and every game needed them (Women emPOWERment you know!). There were 4 teams- TITANS, FALCONS, CHEETAHS and THUNDERBOLTS (Woww jotting them down sounds am a member of some IPL team :-p) and fortunately I was a TITAN….
The morning started with beamish smiles.. We reached Genesis school at 8.30… And then the regular attendance (not that gooooodd moorrniiiinnggg Sir/Mam, but the counting of heads to mark on punctuality…) which followed with light breakfast.
We had our 1st match against CHEETAHS in volley ball… And we lost drastically… But but but… Aaye hain to leke jaenge, and yes we won against CHEETAHS in next kho-kho, cricket, circuit run (Sorry CHEETAHS but could’nt help :-p :-p :-p )
Believe me, am a novice for cricket who doesn’t even know the C of it, but sat beside the scorer and blared out of zeal….
Circuit run was one more exciting one, we did crunches, push-ups, skipping, sit-ups and ran and ran and screamed with amain.
Tug-of-war, I guess I shouldn’t state anything (as far as I remember exactly, the moment we started to hold the rope we were pulled badly, crudely, laughingly and must say FALCONS you did that dumm laga ke haisha part stupendously).
Winning Circuit run and the father of all sports –Cricket, made us hoot, scream, howl- TITANSSSSS TITANS… The gush of sprouting excitement and emotions was eyesome.
We posed for various photography and those which weren’t posed were even better ones. With delicious and hygienic luncheon we enjoyed, laughed and screeched our heart out.
And you guys, the TITANSSSSS TITANS- Sanjeev Sir, Amit, Ankit, Raj, Prem Sir, Ashok Sir, Abhishek, Abhishek, Abhishek (No ways. Its not the Ekta Kapoor effect.. They were 3 different individuals :-p : -p), Prateek, Dishant, Shipra, Hiba, Aarti, Aarushi, Hasmeet, Puneet, Mayank, Nitin Sir, Nikhil, Kanwarjeet, Modi (please forgive me if I missed any name) really really rocked in every event.


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