Ensorcelling with the “EXECUTIVES”…………

La Chicas and El Chicos…. Executive parties are irksome?? Actually not always…
Yeah.. I actually happened to be a part of such double quoted cocktails. And well my experience was sterling.
It was Monday evening, 13th October 2014 (No no 13s are not always villainous). Along with my seniors, I too was opportunate to attend the cocktail on the eve of procurement of 2 major projects.
I believe it was a proud moment for me as I was the only one with just 10months of work-ex, rest all were senior and ofcourse, highly senior …… We summed up our work by 5 in the evening and left.
Decorticating the setting rays and glooming night lights (Am literally toxicated to gazing at the stars on black velvet sheets of sky, being hemmed in street lights ), witnessing the yellow head lights in a row and red tail lights in another row separated by huge road dividers from the curve of highway was one of the noticeable feature that evening… Of course I had that smiling curiosity that even that heavy traffic seemed scenic.
Crossing god knows what count of tolls, covering UP, Delhi and Haryana (Wow 3 states in just 1 evening ) and the JLN stadium where the National Football match was on hype (Ohh gosh I saw those lightings which we we reached DUSIT DEVARANA, a resort, I mean an exotic one. Oh my my I saw a blood red Chevrolet, parked alone in the arena (I still wish I could have stolen it 😉 )
We met numerable dignitories whom we only heard on conference calls.. And believe me I repeated- Namrata Baranwal, CSSC SDM with that extra stretched smile and formal ;-p handshakes erratic times (How much do I desire to order “Peppy paneer pizza, large size with extra cheese and mouse cake”, same tone ahha!! for all those number of times)… We tried the starter cuisines and juices (Yeahh I know it was a cocktail party, but m still a kiddo by heart and don’t have the guts to even hold a glass of champagne or wine, whatever it was)
Along with my seniors, I walked through the lanes of the resort, although much dark but the place was impeccable. And indeed it made me realise am still single ;-p ;-p Coz the aura on the sidelines of pool and island structures were worth romanticizing.
And then some sort of speeches about the journey till the win win by the heads.. some were absolutely mind breaking as I got to know under what pressure these highly paids are…
We even enjoyed the after-drunk phase of a senior who is a hard-core non-vegetarian and his whimsical gestures calling the waiters for the non-veg starters (GOOFUS!!).
Eventually dined on lasagne, cottage cheese stuffs etc etc… And there was a complete different scenario in the Ball room…
Astonishing, confounding, startling and what not… The, yes the THE executives danced on the beats like:- “tutak tutak tutak tutiya”, “tere bina kick mujhe milti nhi” , “subh hone na dein, ek dusre ko hum sone na dein, main tera hero” and the tracks of Honey Singh…. God, in a typical baraati way (Please don’t kill me for this adjective :-p )
And finally covering 3 states in just an evening as I said above, we reached home in the morning by 12.30 am…
Immemorable evening though


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