:-) Dining with the Executives….

It’s a silver screen burlesque where ventriloquists come in with their companions in mickle number of fourgon to halt in front of 5-7 star rated restaurants, the concierge opens the door for them to come out and take the keys to park.
They enter the restaurant with high dignity and god knows what sort of confidence to dine, of course..
But a big pause…. It even happens in reality. No no no man am not exaggerating. The most stupefying thing about private sector global organizations is their lifestyle… I must say, am in love with it 
Yesterday was my 4th fortuity to dine with elegant executives at a 5 star tavern, and believe me with all kinds of steaming thoughts that choke my head while such extravagant happenings, it was a grandeur rendezvous. Starting with my perplexed notions, of where to take my seat in the vehicle, the gentlemen took their’s at the back leaving place for me in the front (the corporate etiquette to respect a lady, gosh I was the one ). The GPRS routing of the place, indeed techie technology.
And then the halt of 7 cars in a row in the portico, the concierge opening the doors bla bla… Trust me it feels dignified. Starting with the starters, you do need to have perfect p’s and q’s of dining –
• Have little (don’t even dare try to be edacious, you are not in a north Indian wedding)
• Use forks,knives and spoons( but don’t bang them)
• Speak softly in a humble manner
• Do not create a mes or spill any drop of cuisines
• And finish on time (come’on buddy you aren’t at your home before that couch-potato)
Ahh a lot to keep in mind. I do follow them as was taught all these when was just a kid of 12.
Drinks and cuisines and sumptuous aura…… A simple wow…… Try once you would feel you are someone with an identity, and this this this izzz the lifestyle I was talking bout……..

@Thank you my org, my team, my manager for making me feel esteemed.


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