My first dream…

Will Smith has justified via his movie that happiness is the only thing in universe that has to be pursued. Oh gentlemen, I agree with you. And happiness is in fulfilling those dreams that do not make you fall asleep. Around 15years back when I was a little kiddo of standard 1st(stop guessing my age..), a very notorious one though(this word suits me even now ), standing in the 4th position in 2nd column of 1B, in the morning assembly, I did not realize what was actually going on the stage. It was a convent school, and all I could understand was that some didi and bhaiya were being praised, teachers were giving them colorful large cloth pieces in iron rods with our school’s name and logo, making them wear a cloth piece like mum’s wear dupatta while cooking, written Head Girl, Head Boy etc. on it. That was the moment I inspired in my mind, someday I will also stand there.
Days passed, and I changed various schools in higher classes. Finally, I joined DPS in 10th. I was a fresher and new to school and hardly people knew me there. Then when I got promoted to 11th, there were to be held the council member selections, with all sorts of interviews and all. Since I was a new student, teachers and sports department, every one preferred the old students they were familiar to, and alas! I got rejected in the very first round of interview  .
Was being upset enough to convince me for letting down a dream that I used to bestow in me since last 10years? Actually no….
I ran to my class teacher’s room, she adored me for every work of mine, and did trust me for various works of class, I won’t disclose here. She heard all what I went through and encouraged me to directly go to principal’s office. I did the same and went along with a then good friend of mine. She was a kind lady, and patiently heard my plea and my desire to serve as the HEAD GIRL. She took my interview, my friend too added about making me the head girl, my goody goody traits (friends are friends always ) and we were asked to wait for results. After 2 days, somebody shouted results were declared and ABC was the head girl.
2nd shatter to my same dream, uufffff. Do you want to know how I then convinced myself?
Aahhh, I again went to princi’s office without even bothering what would I say there. I said, actually nothing, she smiled and said it was not yet decided, the teachers panel will have a meeting with her and then only all the council members will be decided. Oh god, she was the princi, T-H-E Princi, must be aware of rumors students create after all.
It was 11 august, 2007, last period chemistry, of my class teacher, she came and said congrats, we have the head girl and some more eminent council members from our class, Namrata you are the Head Girl. Even now when I’m jotting it down I am having mam’s words clear in my ears.
I asked her thrice, are you sure, did you say my name only and at last she burst out in laughter seeing my surprise or shock, whatever it was.
15th august 2007 was the investiture ceremony, and today I was standing on the stage holding that colorful large cloth piece in iron rod with my school’s name and logo (the school flag), wearing the mommy dupatta style sash actually, that had written on it HEAD GIRL, and a light blue badge on left side of my shirt inscribed HEAD GIRL on it.
Moreover there was something that made me feel even more confident and that was mesmerized pride in my papa and di’s eyes that was for their child who among the 6 chief posts appointed, was the only girl standing right in the front row.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Proud moment!!…Though i was among 60% waloon me still after reading this i imagine myself being standing next to u forgot to mention about the Head boy 😛


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