“Don’t preach me, it’s my LIFE….”

My life is what I make of it. Yes, I am a 21 year grown-up, educated and truly my life is actually what I make of it. I know how to deal with it, I know how to take it in stride, then why do others have to interfere?
Every day, starting from dawn to dusk, following the daily schedule I am asked to do things whether good or bad, whether kind or unkind to me. Getup early in the morning, make your bed, eat like this, sit nicely, don’t watch television, wear your slippers, read editorial, don’t go out, why are you sleeping right now, don’t waste time reading novels or playing computer/cellphone games, do this, do that, don’t do this, don’t do that bla bla bla…
Oh God! Why in the hell don’t they realize, that ‘men differ’, their ideas, their way of thinking differ. Ofcourse, I took birth in some other time than yours then how can I have your traits??
I being a mature person, can think of my good my bad. I don’t say people around me lead me to a wrong path, but their constant criticism, forcing me to do what they feel is better would certainly harm not only my way of thinking but also my respect for them.
I precisely appeal to let me have freedom to express my self being. If I turn to be wrong then I would buck up and move on keeping in mind what I did can be harmful to me. Moreover, at least I won’t be having a reason to blame somebody else for anything.
Instead of waking me up early, preaching those everlasting words- early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise, why don’t they realize that I was comfortable working late at night and I need to rest in the morning.
My life is precious for me. I know I have to live it well. I don’t say that I am always correct, but on all the times I am wrong I have my conscious saying not to repeat it.
Then why do people have to be something, I guess, like a lawn-mower? And gosh their everlasting sick lectures that are less preaching and more demotivating (annoying too).
I would at least get a chance to have empiricism upon dark shades of life because I know life would never take a second turn. A single life to live is all what I have, so why to waste it. Money or material wealth never attract me, I just want to live my life differently, the way I wish to. So that when after 10years or so I look back, at least I won’t be having regrets.
Now instead of preaching, trust what I do, and be a strength to me rather than weakness.
Don’t preach me, because IT’S MY LIFE……………….


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