Will it hurt, if we hug you?

Ting, tong, ting, tong………..
Tiiinnggg tonnngg……
“Di, I am scared, why aren’t mumma and papa opening the door?”
“I don’t know, even I am scared. But don’t ring it more, else we’d be scolded.”
Anshika and Nitya were home from school around 2p.m. Anshika was in class 5 and Nitya in class 3. Both were little girls, but life made them mature even before they could understand what exactly maturity means.
Suddenly, the door opened, and there was a middle-aged man standing with his brows straighten up, enough to scare the kids at the first glance. He was their father.
Scary silence was the most we-don’t-need-but-have-to-bear guest at their home (actually house). Anshika and Nitya entered their room and to their questioning strangeness saw their mother sleeping on the bed, completely covered with sheet.
They silently changed their dresses and kept the empty tiffin box in the sink. They were curious to know, what had happen but that SILENCE, rather SCARY SILENCE.
Their father came to them and said, “Pulse and rice are kept in the kitchen, go and eat both of you, if you wish to.” He said and rushed towards the bathroom, took something that just reflected rounded purple piece of a cloth and hastily went to his car.
Before he could come back and scold them, both the little girls took 2 plates and served that overly turmeric-pulse and half raw rice, and sat on the dining table. Without a word they started swallowing the food, ofcourse water helps at these situations. And these typically exciting cuisines after a hunger of 8days can sometimes be delicious, even due to fear, to little kids of 8 and 10years.
“Di, how come papa has made the food? Has he spit-up his anger and everything is fine between mummy and papa?” Nitya asked in a very low tone.
“I don’t know”, replied Anshika.
“Di, why did papa take mummy’s purple night gown with him to his office?” Nitya whispered in her kiddo tone. “Nitya, I don’t know. Do not whisper, and eat fast,” Anshika replied.
As soon as the car left the compound, they left their half-eaten meal, locked the house from inside slowly and ran to their room. They both took their place on either side of the bed where their mother was asleep with her body facing the ceiling and covered with sheet from neck to toe.
“Mumma…” Nitya said softly. Anshika added, “Mumma, wake up please, we both are here, papa has gone to the office.”
Their mother half opened her eyes that seemed to be wet and red. Nitya said, “Mumma, did you talk to papa? Is he normal now mumma? Do you know he cooked food for us, why are you sleeping right now, get up and we will eat together. You too have not had a single thing since last 8days.”
“Nitya, do not disturb mumma. Just keep quiet, she is resting. She will tell us everything, you have patience.” Anshika said to Nitya and towards mother, “Mumma, we don’t want to see you weep anymore. We are always there with you, please tell us what has happened.”
“How are my sweet girls?” their mother could hardly speak, as if in intense pain with tears rolling down the ends of her eyes. Both the girls wiped the tears from either sides but couldn’t stop themselves from weeping at their mother’s voice, and said in unison, “Please don’t cry mumma, we both love you a lot.”
“My kids, slowly remove this sheet from me.”
Their little palms and those even little fingers didn’t know what they were going to reveal. As soon as the entire sheet was removed, all that those kids could manage was scream and shout, “Mumma, mumma what is this mumma?”
“Mumma please say no, what has happened to you?”
They both started weeping bitter and even bitterer. Under the wrap of that sheet was their mother, lying semi-nude revealing neck, shoulders, stomach, waist, both hands, thighs, knee, down legs, feet, all severely bruised, with dark brown round patches of skin layer as if the pulp of extra-ripen mango. It’s very difficult to see one’s own mother lying burnt in front of you and you are helpless not to do anything that could comfort her and for those little kids, it was something unbearable.
“My child, don’t cry, mumma is fine beta.”
“Hupppp…”, this was all that could come out of Nitya.
Anshika tried to speak, “M-mu-mumma, m-mumma, we-we will ta-take you to h-h-ho-hos-hos-pital.”
Both the girls were vehemently weeping. “My kids come closer to my face and sit. And cover me again first, bachcha.” They did exactly what their mumma said.
“Beta, I’m fine. I know it’s painful for you both, but you both are mumma’s strength. So please don’t cry my children. My girls are brave no, so stop crying now and tell me how your both’s day was?” God, where from these mothers bring stamina to bear pain herself but comfort her children!
“M-mumma, it was all fine. P-Please you don’t sp-speak much, it- it might p-pain you. Jus- Just tell us what-t has h-h-hap-happened? Then-then we won’t t-trouble you any-more.” Anshika said hardly in her weeping voice.
“Beta, you both can in no world ever trouble me. You both are the only possessions I hold my sweethearts. Nothing, I just went to talk to your father. His fire can never be easily watered, you know. The entire ambience had been so tensed for last 8 days and that too for no silly reason. I know it’s the same scenario after every few days. But anger doesn’t have feelings in it. None of us were eating anything, your papa was not talking to us, so I again tried to talk to him and settle things, but all in vain. So, in frustration I tried to commit suicide and burnt myself. Since I was wearing my purple gown, the fire paced up quickly. I shouted in pain and after a while your papa came. When he saw me, he brought a blanket and tried to diminish the fire, I was being out of control due to pain, so he slapped me twice, and I was sub-conscious. After that when I gained my senses, I was lying here covered. Your father prepared the food for you both. Everything would be normal now my sweethearts.”
“An-and wh-what about your p-pain mumma? H-how will you re-re-cover with-without medicine-medicines huhh mumma??” Anshika said.
“Oh, my kids, you both are here, so close to me, I’ve almost recovered now. These bruises will go on their own, I just need to rest, and you both near me.”
“See-see we are n-not cry-crying, you also g-give a smile, then we-we w-will bring the foo-food and feed you fir-first, then we will also e-eat.” Anshika tried to wipe off her tears with her little palm.
After all mothers can never make their children upset. Their mother too tried to smile a bit and turned towards Nitya. Nitya was continuously sobbing and could hardly speak a word.
“Ohh my little chatterbox will not talk to mumma?”
“Yes, my baby, say…”
All that Nitya could say in her little voice was, “W-will it h-hu-hu-rt, if we h-h-hug you?”
Their mother nodded to say no. Both of them hugged her tightly but carefully, and all three burst out in warm tears and tears and those tears!


I just couldn’t let him go!!

How have I lied myself
For months, I’ve played the best con with self
Acting as if I hardly care
But each moment I heard his name

Neglecting what’s inside me
Pretending I’ve moved on
As if the feelings I once had
For him are no more within me

Living each and every day
With happiness and laughs
With works and works
Forgetting all those precious memories
A ctrl+shift+del of all the dreams and promises

But then again last night when I saw him
For the first time since he betrayed
My heart stopped a beat for a moment
I couldn’t breath
And a tear rolled down my left eye
That even after all this time…
I just couldn’t let him go!!

A night with Mrs. Liza’s baby!

“Congrats, the company’s board members have decided to make you the Chief Officer in our new project at Sidney,” my 6ft, bald, somewhere in the middle of 50, the most workaholic boss was standing right in front of me in my cabin with his hands outstretched for a shake, I suppose.

“Ahh,” I exclaimed with a shock smile stretching my hands forward, for the shake ofcourse. “That is a big news to hear, Sir,” I continued, “Well, when shall I join there?”

“Monday, next week. The details will be send to you in a day or two. Good luck.”

“Thank..,” he left before I could complete, after all he was the boss.

Days passed, and I went to Sidney. I directly went to the flat, my company gave. It was on the 3rd lane in the New Town and Gosh! The 6th floor. Anyways, thanks a ton to who so ever created lifts. And there, as I entered my flat, I realized I had a flatmate. She was a Black in her early 40’s, most probably, with tons of fats all over her extra-tempting figure (Oh God, why with this dried and rotten orange???). She had her gestures and skin as if I could puke right there, I didn’t although. Starting days in a distant city, that too out of the country, does need some adjustments. I joined my new project, a very important piece of my professional life. Things were getting into its own way and I was getting busier day by day, night by night.

Mrs. Liza, that Black, remember… my ugly flatmate, had a little baby too. Boy or girl, I didn’t know but was horribly cute. Mrs. Liza and I rarely saw each other, we had different shifts of working, and whenever we met, it was in the KITCHEN… Since we were of two entirely different worlds, we never bothered to interfere in each other’s life.

After 3weeks of rigorous stroll, finally I got a night to have a sound sleep. I couldn’t see Mrs. Liza, but her baby was there, alone in another room. I was tired a lot so directly went to my room. Got changed and fell fast asleep with all my past sweet and sour memories in mind.

I was merely in dreams when I felt little, tender fingers tickling my feet. It was a soft feeling; as if the baby’s creamy skin was playing with my cold one. It (I didn’t know whether it was he or she) tried to hug me more tightly and was shifting from my feet to my waist, but I was drastically exhausted to even open my eyes and see. I just kept feeling. After all, I am a woman, a baby’s touch, so smooth and tender and so cuddling made me feel heaven. It came to my bare waist, and crawled smoothly from one end to other, I smiled with pleasure. It then tried to lick my skin there, I felt cold saliva on my waist skin. I took my fingers there, and then my senses realized the saliva and my conscious slapped me: Oh shit! The baby was over me for that long.

“AAAAAAAAAAAA,” I screamed as loudly as possible and threw the baby far, far apart. I rushed to take bath and again came back to sleep dusting a little near-by my bed.



Gosh! These LIZARDS…………